Chiropractic Care

  While doctors of chiropractic (DC's) go to school for the same length of time as medical doctors, our approach and focus are quite different.  Chiropractors understand that our health and well being depend upon expression of the innate wisdom within our bodies.  We also recognize the vital role of the nervous system in conveying that innate wisdom to every cell of the body.  And while the innate wisdom is always 100%, its expression can be less. 
  Stressors (physical, chemical, emotional, or spiritual) can impair the ability of our nervous system to control and coordinate the functions of life within our body.  Chiropractic adjustments work to create a healthy connection between the innate wisdom and the body for the best possible expression of health and well-being!

  At Womb For Growth we focus on the central nervous system(CNS) which consists of the brain, spinal cord, and supportive structures (i.e. meninges).  Each patient receives personalized care and adjustments will vary from visit to visit depending upon your individual needs that day.  A combination of cranial/meningeal work and structural (crunchy) work can be done in each visit.  Obviously, that can vary widely as some folks prefer more of one than the other.  Frequency of visits is up to the individual.  Recommendations are made based upon what is happening within your CNS and the choice is yours.  Typically, barring any health challenges, a tune-up every 2-4 weeks is recommended to keep your nervous system running smoothly.

Interesting Fact:
Only 11% of our nervous system is responsible for pain perception.  The rest of our nervous system is devoted completely to the function of every other cell in our bodies. So, while pain is informationaly useful, doctors of chiropractic are just  as concerned with the other 89% of your nerve supply!

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