About Dr. Holland

As early as the late 1980's I knew I would become a healer.  I entered college in 1992 and decided that my goal was medical school.  I wanted to be a pediatrician. Throughout my undergraduate education, I began to develop my own philosophy of health which did not match the allopathic version I was facing. I stayed convinced that healing was still my calling.  

In 1996 I entered graduate school and earned a degree in Medical Humanities.  It was during those two years that I began to see where my philosophy of health and healing could fit into the continuum of healthcare.  I had one of those experiences common to all humans when we study and question everything for quite some time and then mercifully find some clarity.  That clarity dropped me on the doorstep of Sherman College of Chiropractic in 1998. 

Four years later, I found myself on a doorstep in another state-Colorado!  (It was supposed to be a temporary move.)  Even though I was an East-Coaster I immediately felt at home in Colorado.  Then, I fell in love and that pretty much sealed the deal! My husband Carl (a CO native from Salida), our daughter Amelia, and I make our home in Loveland. I don't know that there could be a better place to live than the Northern Colorado Front Range!

One of my favorite things about this area is the community.  Environmental stewardship,  supporting local farmers, gardening, conscious parenting, and a thriving birth community are near and dear to my heart. It is wonderful to be able to share these passions with so many other families! 

When I'm not in my office I enjoy reading (non-fiction), bicycling, hiking, gardening, sewing, and beekeeping.   Most of the time, I share these experiences with my daughter and husband.
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